McAdams Tennis Club


McAdams Tennis Club was started Circa 1963 by a group of distinguished ladies and gentlemen that loved the game of tennis.  Coach Charles "Goose" Doughty, Jr. along with his tennis mentor Charles McAfee joined with James "Buddy" Fields, Deloris Fields, Delvin McGilbray, Shirley McGilbray, and several others to form the McAdams Tennis Club.

McAdams Park was located in the heart of the African American community and Coach Doughty wanted to give the youth in the area a chance to learn the game of tennis.  So he started a free summer long tennis camp for inner city youth.  The club members helped with the camps by volunteering their services.



President:  Alex Lee

Vice President:  Ronnie Thompson

Vice President:  Avon DeGrafenread

Vice President:  Willie Whitaker

Secretary:  Darlene Meeks

Treasurer:  Bobbie Lee